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Download Our E-Brochure

We provide a total solution for client in engineering aspect such as Design & Build, procurement of needed supplies/equipment, cost budgeting and project management which includes the following,
  • CIP Systems
  • DI Skids
  • Fluid Transfer System
  • Liquid Mixing & Dispensing System
Omni-Crest is well positioned to undertake EPC projects for various industries in Singapore and the region.
We take pride in completing projects within schedule, providing good quality and safety commitment from all our staff.

Our core competencies lie in the field of.
Daily Maintenance
Our scope of work includes repair and replacement of gaskets, valves, pipes, tanks, vessels and troubleshoots of electrical and instrument. Daily Maintenance keeps the plant in good running condition without affecting the operations. A dedicated team will be assigned onsite to carry out the tasks with the plant operators.

Plant Turnaround
We provide cleaning and maintenance of plant and equipment that cannot be carried out during normal operations. Such work is usually done on a planned basis and temporary shutdown of the plant is required.
All types of piping fabrication and erection.
All types of structure and platformfabrication and installion.
Tankage, Spray Dryer and Silo fabrication and erection.
Orbital welding services.
Heavy lifting of equipments.
Installation of Cable Trays, Conduits & Cable Ladders
Cable Laying, Glanding & Termination works
Design of the control Panels
Design of the IO List from P&ID’s

Instrument Selection and Specification Analysis based on Process Requirements

Electrical, Instrument & Control Circuit Design
Loop Check, Testing & Commissioning
Field Instrument Installation
Omni-Crest is an Approved Scaffold Contractor certified by the Ministry of Manpower. Our Staffs are trained, certified and able to constructed all types of scaffold for Plant Owners and Contractor for carrying out work inspection of new constructions and maintenance works. With our sizeable inventory of scaffold materials, it enabled us to take on major construction projects and maintenance contracts in all types of Industries. We also had material reserve for Clean Room or any hygienic requirement.
  • Excavation
  • Replacement and repair of drainage systems
  • Plastering
  • Coring works
  • Walkway or fencing installation
  • Construct of Machinery footing, plinths, slab and road curb.
  • Plant demolition works.
  • Floor epoxy coating works.
OC scanner is a new method of detecting defects, such as cracks, pinholes, incomplete weld fusion, corrosion cavities, porosity and other defects that may cause contamination and/or cross-contamination of the finished product in stainless steel pressure and non pressure vessels by using a special design scanner which can replace the old method way by dye penetrant techniques where by it required the vessel to be removed from service, CIP Cleaned, access equipment erected and Chemical Dye Penetrants sprayed onto the surface. Such procedures resulted in lost production time and the possibility of introducing chemical contaminants into the product path of the vessel.

It is able to detect surface and sub surface defects electronically, without the use of harmful or non-food safe chemicals.

The method has been developed as an alternative and more cost-effective testing method to dye penetrants by 30%.